To start receiving payments using Schoolable-pay there are four mandatory steps you have to go through 

  1.  Complete your School profile: By Filling  in your school's basic details. School name and contact email are what is required to move to the next step. you can fill in the rest once you have completed these four mandatory steps  

     You can also manage your notification settings for your parents.
     Select your service charge preference.

      2.  Select your current school session
            A session is meant to mirror your school's current calendar year e.g.                                2019/2020. add the session your school is currently in and proceed.

    3.Add a bank account you want your money to paid into
       How will you like to get payments? add at least one bank account. The first bank account you add will be your primary bank account tagged as main in the Bank accounts tab.

  4. Class groups is a copy of your school's actual classroom setup (e.g. kindergarten,                primary, jss classes and ss classes).
   Add at least one class group(Classroom)

You are done! Here at schoolable we all welcome you and are pleased to have you on-board our platform. 

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