School settings

School settings contains everything about your school. on this page you can do the following.

1. Add and update information about your school.                               

You can add your school logo and tell us all basic information we need to know about your school

2. You can also manage your notification settings for your parents

You can choose to send invoice notifications automatically, to do this click the Always send button. You can also set a delay to the time the invoices are sent to parents by choosing how many hours for delay after invoices have been generated 

3.Select your service charge preference

 On every transaction between made, the bank takes a certain amount and we take a certain amount the Payment addons is ₦300  so you can choose to divide it between you (your school) and the parents or let parents pay the service charge. it all depends on you.    

Sessions and Sub sessions

A session is meant to mirror your school's current calendar year e.g. 2019/2020. While a sub session is the break down of the calendar year (session), usually 1st term, 2nd term and 3rd term
On this page you do the following

  1. Add new sessions e.g. (2019/2020)
  2.  Terms will be added automatically once sessions have been created 
  3. You are to select your current term. if it is still your first term it would have been automatically selected as main. To select term click the mark as current button on your current term.

To add a session now, click  the button below

Adding a bank account

You add a bank account to receive payments from parents  
You would have been required to add a bank account when you initially signed in  which will be your primary account marked as main  in the Bank accounts tab. You ca add  more than one bank account if some items are to be into a different account that is not your main account
To add another bank account do the following 

  1. Click new bank account button 
  2. Input bank name 
  3. Input account number 
  4. Input account name 

Payment items 

A payment item is everything a student can pay for(E.g tuition, transportation, books, inter-house sport, lunch e.t.c).
This page shows a list of all payment items students in your school can pay for. Payment items reflect on your invoice to show parents a breakdown of what is being paid for.

To add new payment item, you will need to do the following

  1. Give a name to the item you wish to add (e.g. health care)
  2. Add a description(this is optional)
  3. Select what term(s) the item(s) are applicable 
  4. Enter the amount attached to the item 
  5. Select the bank account you want to receive payments for the item into (note: if a bank account is not selected your primary account will be used).

Fee Groups

A Fee Group is a group of payment items that allows you attach certain payment  items to a class group or a student. (e.g. a graduating class can have a fee group called graduating class fees which would include payment items like graduation gown, excursion, graduations party and a graduations ceremony fee).
To add a fee group

  1. Give the fee group a title 
  2. Describe the fee group(e.g. this fee group contains payment for graduation gown, excursion, graduations party and a graduations ceremony fee )
  3.  Select the payment items 


Do you want to give a discount to students and families enrolled in your school ? a discount is a deduction from the usual cost of a fee or payment
This page shows a list of all your discounts
To add a discount 

  1. Click on create new discount 
  2. Give the discount a title 
  3. Add a description( optional)
  4. Select what terms the discount is applicable
  5. Select the type of discount (percentage or fee based )
  6. if percentage choose how many percent off and if fee based choose how much off you will be giving 
  7. select a date it expires or select duration 

Promote students

At the beginning of a end session you will want to promote students to a new class as you would love keep track of previous sessions and update any new development in the new session
This page allows you move students from one class group to another [screenshot]

To migrate students 

  1.  From the present class group you want to promote students select from the tab (promote to:) the class group  you want to move the student to 
  2. If a student does not qualify for promotion and you want to retain the student in that same class, click on show students and select the remain in this user group action
  3. Click the migrate students button


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