In order to enjoy the full functionalites of Schoolable Pay, you are expected to create your class and students the way your school is originally set up.

Class groups

Class groups copies your school's actual class room setup (e.g. kindergarten, primary, jss classes and ss classes)
Sub groups are the arms of each class group in your school (e.g. jss1 kindness,jss1 goodness, ss1 peace,ss2 wisdom)

To add a new class group   

  1.  Go to setup >> Students setup >> Class groups
  2. Click on the New class group button
  3. Name the class group (e.g. ss2 )
  4. Add a fee  group
  5. Add payment items
  6. Save 

Student tags

Student tags are discounts or payment items that are peculiar to a certain student(e.g.a User tag  with the name 3 siblings, will perhaps have a certain discount to families with 3 or more kids in your school or payment items peculiar to all transfer students or both discounts and payment items).

This page shows a list of all user tags, to create a user tag  

  1.  Go to setup >> Students setup >> User tags
  2. On user tags click the "new student tag" button  
  3. Give the user tag a title (e.g. top scholars)
  4. Describe the user tag (optional)
  5. Select the students you want under your user tag
  6. Select a discount or payment, or both
  7. save


These are all students enrolled in your school.
This page shows a list of all your students
To add a new student  

  1.  Go to setup >> Students setup >> Students 
  2. Click on the "New student" button
  3. Input the student's details (first name, last name,  gender, family)
  4. Input the students reg. number (note: if you leave this blank a number will be generated automatically).
  5.  Select a class you want to put the student 
  6. Select a user tag (optional)  



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