This page helps you generate an invoice for parents, which shows a detailed break down of the of what is being paid for. 

What is an invoice

An invoice is a bill issued by your school to the parents of students which shows a list of payments items and a statement of sum due for them

What is the purpose of an invoice

The purpose of an invoice is to show in details exactly what it is the parents of the students are paying for.  

To generate an invoice, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the invoices tab in navigation bar 
  2. Click on the Generate invoices button
  3.  Select a User group (e.g. creche, nursery, primary 1, SS1 etc.)
  4. Select the sub session (e.g. 1st term, 2nd term or 3rd term)
  5.  Select a resumption date (optional)
  6. You can turn on the toggle button "Replace any existing invoices" if there was a mistake on the previous invoice. The newly generated invoice will overwrite the previous one.
  7. Click on the Preview button to view the details of the invoice before generating it.
  8. Finally, click on Generate invoices to create an invoice for the student.
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