Do you want to give students and families enrolled in your school discounts ? A discount is a deduction from the usual cost of a fee or payment.
Why should you give discounts ? offering a discount is just a way of encouraging more families to come to your school. If para-venture you have a family with about 2-4 kids enrolling in your school, having a discount for such families encourages families to enroll all their kids in your school
This page shows a list of all your discounts 

To add a discount 

  1. On go to "Setup" on the navigation bar and click on "Payment setup".
  2. Click on create new discount 
  3. Give the discount a title 
  4. Add a description( optional)
  5. Select what terms the discount is applicable
  6. Select the type of discount (percentage or fee based )
  7. if percentage choose how many percent off and if fee based choose how much off you will be giving 
  8. select a date it expires or select duration 
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