Bulk imports

Adding multiple students one by one can be quite an hassle. This is why we introduce bulk import to make your life even easier.
Written by Henry
Updated 2 years ago

Bulk import is a way of adding multiple students on schoolable at a time. It makes it easier for you add multiple students without having to add students one after the other. bulk imports involves you having "a spreadsheet" e.g.(Microsoft excel, google spreadsheet) on your system and thereafter downloading the template as stated below.  You can import multiple students at a time by following these quick steps:

1. Go to setup >> Bulk imports
2. Download the template required by clicking on the "Download" button. 
3. Click on the template you just downloaded it will open on any spreadsheet you have, now fill in the details of all your students while retaining the template's original structure.
4. Save the spreadsheet when you are done.
5. Click to upload the file from your computer or drag and drop the spreadsheet into the bulk imports.

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