Employee setup

You don't have to do all this alone. Why not setup a team!
Written by Henry
Updated 2 years ago

What is Employee setup? employee setup is a concept that allows more than one person (A team) to get your school on Schoolable-pay up and running.
This page allows you setup your employees to handle different roles on Schoolable and shows a list of all employees in your team. NOTE: To setup an employee all members of the team must be signed up on Schoolable. On signing up they are to choose the role which you have assigned to them.

To setup a team follow these easy steps:
1. Go to Setup >> Employee setup
2. Click on the Invite employee  button 
3. Add the email of the person you want to invite 
4. Select a role for the person 
5. And click "send invite". and invite would be sent to the mail of your employee and would be required to sign up on schoolable

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