Setting up families

You can add a family to keep track of students and their guardians
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The concept of Family in Schoolable Pay takes into consideration the fact that students in your School can have siblings in the same school. You can add families to categorize students and guardians in the same family.  
This page shows a list of all families (family name, number students under the family and guardians)
Family setup is divided into 2 categories


To add families follow these steps below:
1. Go to Setup >> Family setup 
2. Click on the new family button
3. Add a family name the students that belong to the family and guardians 


To add guardians follow these steps:
1. Go to Setup >> Family setup >> Guardians
2. Click on the New guardian button
3. Enter guardian's name, email, gender, 
4. Choose the family they belong to   
5. Save

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