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How to create a student tag
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Student tags are tags that are peculiar to a certain student they can be either discounts or payment items or both (e.g. A Student tag  with the name 3 siblings, will perhaps have a certain discount to families with 3 or more kids in your school or payment items peculiar to all transfer students or both discounts and payment items).
Student tags allow you set payment item and discounts to a student or a group of students.

This page shows a list of all user tags, to create a user tag  
1. Go to setup >> Students setup >> Student tags
2. On user tags click the "new student tag" button  
3. Give the student tag a title (e.g. top scholars)
4. Describe the student tag (optional)
5. Select the students you want under your student tag
6. Select a discount or payment, or both for the student tag 
7. save

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