View list of students enrolled in your school
Written by Henry
Updated 3 years ago

Here, you can view the list of all the students enrolled in your school. You can easily add new students. Adding your students on Schoolable allows you to easily generate an invoice for your students. Adding your students also makes promoting them from one class to another become easier.

To add a new student , follow the steps below:
1. Go to setup >> Students setup >> Students 
2. Click on the "New student" button
3. Input the student's details (first name, last name,  gender, family)
4. Input the students reg. number (note: if you leave this blank a number will be generated automatically).
5. Select a class you want to put the student 
6. Select a user tag (optional).

You can also add students via bulk imports from a spreadsheet.
To see how you can add students via bulk imports, click Here.

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